My Work

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My passion is YOUR wellness.

I have developed my program to improve your health and YOUR LIFE.

Come partner with me on your healing journey!

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How do my healing and mentoring sessions help?

EVERYONE has problems with their energy systems at times, for example, when ill or going through life transitions.


Energy healing and intuitive holistic mentoring shift the energies that contribute to illness and lack of wholeness.

What are energetic problems and how are they healed?

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Problems may include ungroundedness which often accompanies stress, anxiety and depression; damaged or non-existent boundaries which can lead to illnesses and relationship difficulties; energy blockages that rob life energy and create illness; unhealthy energetic patterns that keep us from being our best selves.

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Energy healing is therapeutic and is also called “energy medicine” or “energy therapy.” In energy healing, a trained practitioner knowledgeably, intentionally and positively adjusts the client’s energy system to move them to energy health. Click here to see illnesses and conditions treated with energy medicine.

My mission…


…is both to improve your energy system and also, to teach YOU how you can manage your energy system to support self-healing and maintain wellbeing.

Click here to see some of the illnesses, conditions and situations I have helped clients with.

My story: Moving to Wellness


I first learned about my natural energy system when undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2007. I received “Healing Touch” which cleared my system of toxins. My healer, Jacquelyn Phillips, taught me new healthy energy patterns to maintain my wellness.

As I recovered, I realized I wanted to pass on what I had received. My passion now became helping others in their healing journeys and developing my own Holistic Mentoring Program, based on my special education knowledge and my studies in energy medicine. I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner; I took several levels of Reiki training; for five years I have studied with Cyndi Dale, creator of the Essential Energy system of healing.

Holistic Mentoring: Moving YOU to wholeness

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Over the last nine years, I have developed and refined Holistic Mentoring to educate people in maintaining their energy health and wellness. Holistic Mentoring provides understanding, knowledge and tools to help clients mindfully manage their own energy systems.

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In a series of mentoring sessions I provide energy healing at all levels of your being, intuitive guidance, information, tools and strategies to move you towards wholeness.

What clients are saying

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On my Reviews page my clients describe their experiences receiving energy healing and holistic mentoring from me.

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To schedule, click on the Schedule Appointment button on any page.

To begin a series of sessions, schedule your first session using my online user-friendly scheduling software. Or you may email for assistance.

For those outside the U.S. you will enter your own time zone and it will line up with U.S. Central Time. All sessions are conducted in English.

I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.