My passion is YOUR wellness.

Wellness flows from having a healthy energy system.

EVERYONE has problems with their energy systems at times, for example, when ill or going through life transitions.

Click for examples of conditions that can be addressed with energy medicine.

Here is a checklist to see if you may be energetically ungrounded.


What are the challenges in being ungrounded?


In short, Lack of Wellness.

This is because being ungrounded is associated with damaged or non-existent energetic boundaries which can lead to illnesses and relationship difficulties.

Other energy concerns are energy blockages that rob life energy and create illness. Also, dysfunctional energetic patterns can keep us from being our best selves.

My Mission


My mission is both to improve your energy system and also, to teach YOU how you can manage your energy system to support self-healing and maintain wellness.

My clients are men and women, aged 18 to their 90s. In certain cases, I work with children aged 12-17, in-person, with permission and agreement of all guardians.

Moving YOU to Wellness

I recommend a series of mentoring sessions to provide energy healing at all levels of your being, intuitive guidance, information, tools and strategies to move you towards wellness.

Sessions are offered both in-person and by telephone or voice skype. I suggest you schedule a first session. If you find it beneficial we can arrange your series at the end of the first session.

Healing and holistic mentoring are complementary holistic services. They are in addition to regular healthcare services.

Please contact me to answer your questions. I am glad to offer a Free Consult.

I can be reached via my email. Please allow 24-48 hours for a return email.

What clients are saying

Sandy Healing-26.jpg

In my life I get stressed and tight and have daily situational frustrations but after a session, I ALWAYS feel better. Anna H.

Sandy Healing-8.jpg

Receiving regular distance healing sessions from Sandy keeps me grounded and centered, yet open and inspired. This allows me to be fully present with each person who steps through my door. Stacy K.

sunflowers-3640938_1920 (2).jpg

Sandy is teaching me how to maintain my energy boundaries. I have incorporated her recommended daily meditations which help me stay grounded and calm. Jo M.

Sandy Healing-32 reduced.jpg

I feel more whole and grounded than I have for a very long time and I am able to make better choices because of this. Marissa H.

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I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.