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Sandy is such a breath of fresh air. Her insight, vision, and suggestions for healing as well as her healing practice through Healing Touch are invaluable. Each time I work with her, not only do I learn something new spiritually and gain a new perspective, I feel inspired, encouraged and, most importantly, clear on my next steps. I recommend Sandy highly if you are looking for healing, clarity and/or direction in your life. Jessica M.

Sandy made me feel comfortable with my first time receiving energy work. She explained what energy work is and then together we discussed and set some personal goals for me. I felt very relaxed during the hands on portion of the service and felt very energized after. The work really helped to put things in life into perspective and helped me to feel more capable and in control of my life. Katie M.

I used to get really bad piercing headaches after being in a crowd of people, but since my distance work with Sandy that no longer happens. I have more peace, joy, and contentment in all areas of my life. I can relax now as I've been able to let go of a lot of things that had been weighing me down. Shelly S.

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I like how Sandy approaches each situation holistically and begins by getting to know you as a person and what you want to improve upon. Her positive thinking/positive energy work at the beginning of each session is very uplifting. Tim R.

I began consulting with Sandy Kemp, having no previous knowledge of the methods or principles of Healing Touch. What I discovered is a sensitive, intuitive person who offered deep insights, as well as practical suggestions, for my life and work. Sandy guided me toward a better awareness of my own foundations, and taught me to renew my connection to those foundations. I highly recommend Sandy Kemp as a healer. Jerome M.

Sandy helped me when my child had special needs challenges, and her energy therapy helped me feel better physically and mentally. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to feel better. Chris B.

The shifts in how I felt at a fundamental level were undeniable, immediate, and positive. What a gift! Laurie K.

I had SEVERAL breakthroughs during my healing touch/energy session with Sandy. She helped me peel away the layers of pain I had been holding onto for a very long time all while holding me in a very loving and comforting environment. She was thorough, sensitive, caring, and compassionate but still very powerful! Shannon S.


I have had several sessions with Sandy and each time I am very impressed with her professionalism. She is attentive to detail and offers many resources during and after the session. She explains what to expect in every session and really helps me to understand her work and how it can assist me. After a session I feel relaxed and also more clear. Susannah N.

A friend turned me on to Sandy Kemp two years ago when I was going through a divorce, and I now am doing maintenance sessions. I started out in-person but now it’s mostly distance. Sandy’s work is part educational, intuitive channeling, and energy clearing/healing. In my life I get stressed and tight and have daily situational frustrations but after a session, I ALWAYS feel better. And often, the intuitive impressions and guidance turn out to be right! I had a distance session yesterday and I’m light, laughing and smiling even though my situation has not changed. I highly recommend her.  Anna H.

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I have completed eight healing sessions with Sandy Kemp and am continuing to have regular sessions. Sandy helps me look at my life holistically, seeing and acknowledging my strengths and gifts and also healing areas that were blocked. Sandy is teaching me how to maintain my energy boundaries. I have incorporated her recommended daily meditations which help me stay grounded and calm. Jo M.

I went to Sandy to treat one particular ongoing problem and found relief for my whole body. Jenn S.

As a full-time practitioner of holistic healing, my life is dedicated to working at deep levels with clients. To best serve them, it is imperative that my own energies and energetic boundaries be kept in optimal alignment. Receiving regular distance healing sessions from Sandy keeps me grounded and centered, yet open and inspired. This allows me to be fully present with each person who steps through my door. Not only is working with Sandy a delightful treat, it is a practical necessity. Stacy K.

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I knew I was deeply dissatisfied with my upcoming career choices, but I wasn’t able to understand why. I was disconnected from my intuition, and I couldn’t seem to visualize what I really wanted. Sandy’s work helped me clear away confusion, fears, false motives, and other impediments so that I could finally see my choices and my situation with total self-awareness. She helped me get in touch with who I am, and what I need to be fulfilled and live a meaningful life. I can not recommend Sandy enough. Her work completely changed my life. Sadie W.

Sandy has been a supportive and guiding light while I have made shifts in my life to break old patterns and become clearer about my intentions for this stage in my life. She has a natural understanding and a healing presence. I feel more whole and grounded than I have for a very long time and I am able to make better choices because of this. Sandy is truly excited and joyful to witness those shifts within you. Marissa H.

I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.