Feeling Wheel and Clearing of Congested Energy

Kaitlin Robb, an English teacher, created this feelings wheel to help people find more words to describe their feelings. Not only is this a great way to improve one’s vocabulary and written expression, it is also a great way to think about one’s energetic state.

Our emotional aspect is very much influenced by our feelings and our thoughts about our feelings. As you can see from this chart, most of the feelings on the chart would be considered ‘negative’ if the person stayed in this state.

Many of us automatically clear negative energies through our energy systems. However, at challenging times people can hang onto negatively charged energies. And some people who have compromised health struggle with sloughing off negative energies.

Issues related to ongoing congested energy debris may arise at any level - whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

As an energy healer, I support people in clearing energetic congestion. Clearing is one of the primary methods of healing.