Healing & the Arts

A significant portion of my healing clientele are in the creative arts - poets, writers, theater artists, visual artists and musicians. Healing sessions help them overcome blockages and return to a grounded state, in which their energies are flowing. Holistic mentoring helps them to set goals and develop their abilities to manifest their projects. It’s exciting to see the evolution of so many works of art!


Writing is an integral part of my life - providing inspiration and outlet for my creative energy. I am a regular journaler. I recently completed a novel which is in revision and am now working on a new one.

I am part of a writer’s group that meets monthly. I enjoy editing and commenting on others’ writings. I work closely with a Seattle based artist-writer friend on a variety of projects, including polishing her art descriptions.

The photo is one I took at a well-known writers’ hangout, Bedlam Cafe, in Belltown, Seattle.