Healing Touch for Surgery

I received Healing Touch before and after surgery and it assisted my body in its restoration. Recently, I worked with two individuals by giving them pre and post op sessions of Healing Touch. This energy modality has been used in many hospitals as a therapy that assists healing. Nurses developed Healing Touch as a therapeutic intervention for those with compromised energy systems.

A basic principle of Healing Touch is to return a person's energy to an optimal state which is grounded, centered and balanced.

Healing Touch assists in relaxing the body and promoting calmness. A frequent comment I receive after sessions is “That was so relaxing.” After receiving Healing Touch, people often have color in their cheeks and bright eyes, which are indicators of a calm physical state, conducive to healing.

Healing Touch offers a variety of techniques that can complement surgeries. Whole-body techniques prepare the energy system to receive surgery and then aid post-operative healing. Specific pain management techniques help to reduce pain and clearing techniques assist with flushing out toxins.

If you have any questions as to how Healing Touch might help you or your loved ones with surgery, please leave them on my website (www.sandy-kemp.com) and I will respond by email.