Art & Healing, Part 2

Last week I drew a parallel between creating works of art and giving birth to children.  This week, I want to share thoughts about a particular artist—this time a writer—Dorothy L. Sayers. 

Years ago I read Mind of the Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers (1983-1957), who was a well-known English mystery novelist and a friend of several of the Inklings, Charles Williams and C.S. Lewis.  After years of working as an advertising copywriter in London, Sayers became a successful novelist, which supported the undertaking of writings closest to her heart—theological plays and other works and her translation of Dante's Divine Comedy.  

In describing the creative process, Sayers struck upon the dynamic process of Idea—Energy—Power. To begin a project, one must get the idea and the best ideas come through inspiration. To carry out the idea, there must be the resource of energy to create a work. Finally, for the work to make an impact, it needs to have power to illuminate the reader or viewer.

In working with clients, many of whom are artists, musicians and writers—my goal is to empower them to create their best works. May the dynamism of Sayers' concept inspire them!

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