Art & Healing, Part 3

A few weeks ago I shared the writer Dorothy Sayers' concept of people's creative projects being fueled by "Idea, Energy and Power." Once conceived, the artist sets out to realize the work. The work then 'stands on its own,' shining its light for all to experience and interpret.

I perceive this same concept operating in my own healing and in that of my clients. When I perceive a new idea for my health or relationships, I can then choose to make it a new practice. This often involves stretching my abilities and will until it becomes a new behavior. As time goes on, I become aware of new realities that proceeded from the new practice. Maybe my clothes fit better, my interactions with others are more honoring or I receive new compliments. 

Clients have reported improvements as they have acted upon ideas we discussed. One man improved his relationship with a colleague by a change in venue and a more supportive approach. A mother followed her intuition about crystals and essentials oils to help her child sleep. A writer posted a sign on her door "Writer at Work" and is receiving the uninterrupted time she needed and recently her book was accepted for publication. A gifted quilter made time to resume work on unfinished quilts and has presented them to others and is receiving much affirmation and appreciation. 

Every person is a creator. I encourage everyone to use your ability to develop an idea, work to bring it about and witness the results of your creation in the world.