Transitions and Energy Work

As an educator and now as a healer and holistic mentor, supporting people through transitions has been a main focus of mine. Most will recall the concept of 'major life transitions stress' or possibly have even taken such a questionnaire.

When I worked with students with disabilities, a vital aspect of our work was to help the student and his or her parents anticipate and plan for future settings. The process stretched out over several years in order to prepare the student for a smooth, low-stress transition.  

Experts in life transitions, such as Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., agree with this type of advance planning as a way of dealing with change related stress. Whitbourne recommends, "Prepare, prepare, prepare." **

Despite planning and preparation, people are still prone to excess levels of stress during transitions. I recommend that people set aside self-care time to process the changes at all levels of being. Healing sessions clear and heal issues related to the prior situation. Holistic mentoring helps to create a positive vision and intentionality about the new situation. 

For more thoughts on this topic, check out Dr. Whitbourne's blog article [link below].