Boundary Healing

Clients new to energy sessions have often heard of the term boundaries before. Their concept is very much that people consciously set and enforce boundaries with others. And of course, this is true. 

What they come to learn through our work together is that when our boundaries are operating automatically, outside of our conscious control, that we actually are the most protected. 

Boundaries are permeable and supportive energetic fields corresponding to the different vibrational levels of ourselves. They are more commonly known as auric fields or human energy fields. When they are healthy, boundaries operate to provide needed energies and information as well as to filter out what's harmful. Boundaries communicate non-verbally to the world how we expect to be treated. 

I find when clients have blocks in their energy systems, the corresponding fields do not function healthily, opening them to unwanted energies that further compound their situations. In order to heal boundaries, energetic blocks need to be healed. Boundary healing is multi-faceted, but it is worth pursuing.