Art & Healing, Part 1

A significant portion of my healing clients are in the creative arts - poets, writers, theater and film artists, visual artists and musicians. I help them overcome energy blocks, allowing them to resume projects and begin new ones.

In many ways, the act of giving birth to a new creation is analogous to conceiving and having a child. Even before envisioning the work, there are stirrings and yearnings to create. The first glimmers of the work may arrive quickly or in fits and starts, or sometimes painfully slowly. As time, effort and focus are applied, the new work begins to amass an energy of its own, apart from its creator. The many work sessions to move the project along feel laborious and at times exhilarating. Finally, the push to complete and deliver the new work is required. For some, it’s a huge uphill push. For others, it’s a coast downhill.

It’s been my honor to accompany a number of these journeys, some as editor, many as cheerleader or as healer. These creation journeys are incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable. Check out my Art & Healing website page -