Healing for Addictions and Codependency

Clients who have grown up in turmoil often have developed unhealthy coping strategies. I typically get referrals for energy healing from other healthcare providers to provide extra support to their patients who need help to heal long-standing patterns. My most frequent referral sources are my clients, massage therapists, acupuncturists and counselors.

I refer all clients with these challenges to qualified, licensed mental health counselors. Most of these clients are currently seeing a counselor or have had extensive counseling in the past. Occasionally, I find I am the first person to refer the client to a counselor.

The best scenario for helping with addictions and codependency is when the person has already become convinced they have a problem. I get clients who are or have attended a twelve step program or individual or group counseling. These people benefit from energy healing, especially in becoming energetically grounded and centered and having their boundaries restored.

I also get “back door” clients who are referred to me for stress management or possibly physical issues such as back issues or pain management. During the healing sessions, issues with addictions and codependency may become evident and are then addressed in our work together.

I am always happy to do a free half hour in-person or telephone consultation about your own or a loved one’s situation. Reach out today and message me and we’ll set up a convenient time.