Healing The Whole Person

My joy is helping people become whole so they can live their most meaningful lives.

People with health and life concerns are able to improve and/or resolve them with improved energetic functioning.

Clients bring concerns that they are addressing with their medical doctors, counselors or other therapists. They desire energetic explanations and solutions in order to heal.

Here are some concerns my clients have shared with me in sessions:

I have chronic stress and anxiety.

I have chronic health issues.

I feel depressed.

I have no energy.

I am continually in pain.

I have unresolved grief.

I am lonely.

I am hypervigilant and can’t relax.

I want to be living my dreams.

I feel stuck due to past issues.

I keep getting negative thoughts.

I feel I can’t be present.

I am always focused on the past or future.

I have creative projects I cannot complete.

People with concerns like these often do not have a healthy energy flow. Healthy energy systems are grounded, centered and balanced, allowing energy to flow freely. Energy systems lose integrity for many reasons; for example, unhealed physical or emotional wounds, traumas or abuse, damaged energetic boundaries, negative belief systems, and unresolved grief. Energy work addresses this damage. When these causes are addressed, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being improve.

A large part of the healing process is learning about one’s energy system and how to maintain it for current and future wholeness. Holistic mentoring provides the knowledge and tools to help people flourish energetically; it is an individualized and intuitively guided educational and healing process.

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