A Time To Heal

People benefit from clearing and releasing long-standing energetic blocks which are holding them back in some way. Clients come to me for many reasons, yet no matter the reason, it is a time to heal.

In looking at the types of concerns for which people are coming, there are common themes.

A number of people have hectic lives and careers and are looking to de-stress yet they realize that beyond relieving their high levels of stress, they would benefit from deeper healing.

I get referrals from practitioners whose clients have boundary issues, often evidenced by relationship difficulties or as well by anxiety and depression. A typical scenario is that I as am working energetically with people, they are working with a counselor simultaneously.

Helping people with their grief in all forms - for death of a loved one or for loss of any kind - is an area in which I’m honored to help and for which energy work is especially suited. Being in a quiet, comforting setting, and receiving touch, helps people to heal.

I have clients at any stage or life who are navigating career and relationship challenges and changes. Transitions provide opportunities for healing and new realizations.

This is a short list of the concerns which bring people into my healing studio. I am blessed and thankful as we approach this holiday season that I can support people’s need to heal.