Healing = Clearing

So often what people need for healing is their energy systems to be cleared of stagnant energy debris.

What they may not realize is that in addition to our body storing memories, our energy systems also store congested energies. Some sources of congestion are from toxins (from medications, anesthesia, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.); others from chronic pain and traumas.

Who has not heard of energy being blocked? This is often the case in illnesses like heart disease or medical conditions in a certain part of the body. When energy is blocked, it is harder for the body to heal naturally and often congested energies are implicated in an illness.

I believe that receiving regular energy work to assess and clear stagnant and blocked energy supports wellness. We can all learn how to work with our own energy systems to keep our energies flowing.

Feel free to get in touch with me or schedule online a first session to assess and clear your energy system.


Healing for Families

I frequently work individually with several family members - usually partners or a parent and teen or adult child. By re-establishing proper groundedness, improving boundaries and clearing blocks and unneeded energies, these clients have improved individually and in their relationships.

Recently, I have worked with a middle-aged woman and also with her elderly mother in assisted living. Both have experienced emotional clearing and are enjoying their relationship freed up from the constraints of the past.

I helped a middle-aged couple recently who were questioning their relationship. Healing and Holistic Mentoring sessions helped to clear some negative energetic patterns and also to help both to ground and restore healthy boundaries. This has led to a new period of exploring their individual goals while enriching their relationship.

Feel free to get in touch with me or schedule a first session and you and your family member can get started on your path to energetic health.

Details are shown on my site's scheduling page. Book your first session online to get started!


A Modern "Serenity Prayer"

The “Serenity Prayer” was first  attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr, an American theologian, in the early 1930s. In the early 1940’s Alcoholics Anonymous rewrote the “Serenity Prayer” in the form that is familiar today.  During World War II the USO (United Services Organization) printed the prayer on cards and gave it out to troops.

Alcoholics Anonymous’ version rewrote the prayer to appeal to a broader audience. It reads:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.

Recently I was thinking about the prayer and tried my hand at personalizing and strengthening it. I realized I had always felt a sense of indecision with this prayer because of the last line. While I liked it opening up my mind to consider that perhaps I might have been trying to change things that I had no business changing, or perhaps had not worked on my own needed changes, I was still left with the feeling of uncertainty. Would I be able to accept things I could not change? Would I have enough knowledge or strength to change what I could? In short, the prayer leaves the hearer in an open state, which I believe was Niebuhr’s intent. In my youth I struggled a lot with having the wisdom to know the difference. As I’ve grown in maturity and have developed healthier boundaries, I have a much clearer sense of what’s mine and what is someone else’s. So for me, today, I want a more declarative prayer that will energetically reinforce each person’s own self-determination and self-responsibility. I do believe over the years that Niebuhr’s prayer probably helped me open to healthier boundaries and relationships. I believe my version adds a stronger intention.

Here is my revision of the original.

God, grant me the serenity to accept my own and others’ realities,

Courage to change what is mine to change,

Wisdom, love and wholeness.

I believe that in order to maintain our own energies, it’s vital that we’re not focusing on what really belongs to someone else. We should always focus on what is in our “circle of control”. We can only change ourselves, not others. The ‘wisdom to know the difference’ I think is assumed in the revised version by the acceptance of our own and others’ realities. When we have our own identity and have clear personal boundaries, there is clarity about what is ours. Beyond discerning between others’ and our own responsibilities, what intuitively came to me was the primacy of love and the blessing of wholeness. I suppose that is because these are both supportive of healthy relationships...both with myself and with others.

Feel free to use this alternate version of the Serenity Prayer for your personal use if it helps. Better yet, write your own!


Feeling Wheel and Clearing of Congested Energy

Kaitlin Robb, an English teacher, created this feelings wheel to help people find more words to describe their feelings. Not only is this a great way to improve one’s vocabulary and written expression, it is also a great way to think about one’s energetic state.

Our emotional aspect is very much influenced by our feelings and our thoughts about our feelings. As you can see from this chart, most of the feelings on the chart would be considered ‘negative’ if the person stayed in this state.

Many of us automatically clear negative energies through our energy systems. However, at challenging times people can hang onto negatively charged energies. And some people who have compromised health struggle with sloughing off negative energies.

Issues related to ongoing congested energy debris may arise at any level - whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

As an energy healer, I support people in clearing energetic congestion. Clearing is one of the primary methods of healing.


Healing & the Arts

A significant portion of my healing clientele are in the creative arts - poets, writers, theater artists, visual artists and musicians. Healing sessions help them overcome blockages and return to a grounded state, in which their energies are flowing. Holistic mentoring helps them to set goals and develop their abilities to manifest their projects. It’s exciting to see the evolution of so many works of art!


Writing is an integral part of my life - providing inspiration and outlet for my creative energy. I am a regular journaler. I recently completed a novel which is in revision and am now working on a new one.

I am part of a writer’s group that meets monthly. I enjoy editing and commenting on others’ writings. I work closely with a Seattle based artist-writer friend on a variety of projects, including polishing her art descriptions.

The photo is one I took at a well-known writers’ hangout, Bedlam Cafe, in Belltown, Seattle.

Healing The Whole Person

My joy is helping people become whole so they can live their most meaningful lives.

People with health and life concerns are able to improve and/or resolve them with improved energetic functioning.

Clients bring concerns that they are addressing with their medical doctors, counselors or other therapists. They desire energetic explanations and solutions in order to heal.

Here are some concerns my clients have shared with me in sessions:

I have chronic stress and anxiety.

I have chronic health issues.

I feel depressed.

I have no energy.

I am continually in pain.

I have unresolved grief.

I am lonely.

I am hypervigilant and can’t relax.

I want to be living my dreams.

I feel stuck due to past issues.

I keep getting negative thoughts.

I feel I can’t be present.

I am always focused on the past or future.

I have creative projects I cannot complete.

People with concerns like these often do not have a healthy energy flow. Healthy energy systems are grounded, centered and balanced, allowing energy to flow freely. Energy systems lose integrity for many reasons; for example, unhealed physical or emotional wounds, traumas or abuse, damaged energetic boundaries, negative belief systems, and unresolved grief. Energy work addresses this damage. When these causes are addressed, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being improve.

A large part of the healing process is learning about one’s energy system and how to maintain it for current and future wholeness. Holistic mentoring provides the knowledge and tools to help people flourish energetically; it is an individualized and intuitively guided educational and healing process.

Sandy_outdoor-12 reduced.jpg

Healing for Addictions and Codependency

Clients who have grown up in turmoil often have developed unhealthy coping strategies. I typically get referrals for energy healing from other healthcare providers to provide extra support to their patients who need help to heal long-standing patterns. My most frequent referral sources are my clients, massage therapists, acupuncturists and counselors.

I refer all clients with these challenges to qualified, licensed mental health counselors. Most of these clients are currently seeing a counselor or have had extensive counseling in the past. Occasionally, I find I am the first person to refer the client to a counselor.

The best scenario for helping with addictions and codependency is when the person has already become convinced they have a problem. I get clients who are or have attended a twelve step program or individual or group counseling. These people benefit from energy healing, especially in becoming energetically grounded and centered and having their boundaries restored.

I also get “back door” clients who are referred to me for stress management or possibly physical issues such as back issues or pain management. During the healing sessions, issues with addictions and codependency may become evident and are then addressed in our work together.

I am always happy to do a free half hour in-person or telephone consultation about your own or a loved one’s situation. Reach out today and message me and we’ll set up a convenient time.


The Gift of Nature

Feeling the call to nature is sublime enjoyment for me at this time of year. The fall season is especially vibrant and often many people’s favorite.

A few minutes ago I stopped to watch the squirrels scamper on our lawn, then chase each other, crossing into the neighbor’s yard. Next, my attention was caught by a pale yellow butterfly gracefully landing on the tall dry grasses - like an exclamation point announcing the true end of summer. Cardinals flitted from tree to tree, then one came past me and sat for a time on our leafless apple tree, radiating redness.

I was excited to see a recent Guardian article (abbreviated link below) titled “Scottish GPs to begin prescribing rambling and birdwatching.” NHS Shetland has now authorized 10 GPs to prescribe nature for patients with mental illness, heart disease, stress, diabetes and other chronic conditions. These prescriptions will be a complement to their traditional care.

The article states: “Patients will be nudged to go hill walking on Shetland’s upland moors, and directed towards coastal paths to watch fulmars, to beachcomb for shells, draw snowdrops in February, and spot long-tailed ducks, oystercatchers and lapwings.”

I encourage anyone, no matter their level of health, to answer your call to nature this fall!



A Time To Heal

People benefit from clearing and releasing long-standing energetic blocks which are holding them back in some way. Clients come to me for many reasons, yet no matter the reason, it is a time to heal.

In looking at the types of concerns for which people are coming, there are common themes.

A number of people have hectic lives and careers and are looking to de-stress yet they realize that beyond relieving their high levels of stress, they would benefit from deeper healing.

I get referrals from practitioners whose clients have boundary issues, often evidenced by relationship difficulties or as well by anxiety and depression. A typical scenario is that I as am working energetically with people, they are working with a counselor simultaneously.

Helping people with their grief in all forms - for death of a loved one or for loss of any kind - is an area in which I’m honored to help and for which energy work is especially suited. Being in a quiet, comforting setting, and receiving touch, helps people to heal.

I have clients at any stage or life who are navigating career and relationship challenges and changes. Transitions provide opportunities for healing and new realizations.

This is a short list of the concerns which bring people into my healing studio. I am blessed and thankful as we approach this holiday season that I can support people’s need to heal.


A New Old Idea: Holistic Mentoring

What is Holistic Mentoring?

This is the method I have developed to help others learn to live in and as their own wholeness. The word holistic, means "incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts, in theory or practice." And a definition of the word healing is "to make sound or whole." *

My work takes the theory or concept of a client's wholeness and helps them put it into practice. This happens over time through healing sessions combined with energy education and mentoring. 

My first learning of energy healing work was Healing Touch, a modality that was developed by nurses for use in hospital settings, with clients with compromised health. The idea of working to restore the person's energy system to a grounded, centered and balanced state was thought to improve patient outcomes. Healing Touch (and Reiki) research has shown positive effects of intentionally working to restore others' energy systems including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy centers and fields. 

Over the years, as I gained understanding of what a healthy energy system should be, I realized that so many of us fall short of energetic integrity. Why is this? I have found it's because people have never really learned about it. I have had numerous clients say they wish they had been taught this in childhood. Using my training and knowledge as a special education teacher, along with my healing knowledge, I developed a systematic approach, Holistic Mentoring, to help others become whole and turn the theory of holism into practice. 

 * Definitions by dictionary.com and merriam-webster.com

Healing Touch for Surgery

I received Healing Touch before and after surgery and it assisted my body in its restoration. Recently, I worked with two individuals by giving them pre and post op sessions of Healing Touch. This energy modality has been used in many hospitals as a therapy that assists healing. Nurses developed Healing Touch as a therapeutic intervention for those with compromised energy systems.

A basic principle of Healing Touch is to return a person's energy to an optimal state which is grounded, centered and balanced.

Healing Touch assists in relaxing the body and promoting calmness. A frequent comment I receive after sessions is “That was so relaxing.” After receiving Healing Touch, people often have color in their cheeks and bright eyes, which are indicators of a calm physical state, conducive to healing.

Healing Touch offers a variety of techniques that can complement surgeries. Whole-body techniques prepare the energy system to receive surgery and then aid post-operative healing. Specific pain management techniques help to reduce pain and clearing techniques assist with flushing out toxins.

If you have any questions as to how Healing Touch might help you or your loved ones with surgery, please leave them on my website (www.sandy-kemp.com) and I will respond by email.


Essential Energy with Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale is an author, intuitive, healer and teacher based in the Minneapolis area. While I've followed her work for many years, many outside of the energy healing field may not have heard of her. I am in my fourth year of study with her; now in my third year in her advanced apprenticeship program. 

Cyndi has authored close to thirty books, including the well-respected tome, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, which contains clearly explained and illustrated information from around the world. She has followed it up with the The Subtle Body Practice Manual, which is a wealth of practical wellness, self-healing and healing knowledge and methods.

Cyndi is a down-to-earth, genuine person with a great sense of humor. She puts her students at ease and always sees their unique giftedness and offers encouragement. Her students are from all walks of life, working in diverse professions and this makes her classes interesting as she constantly evolves, exploring energy concepts in real-life settings.  

I recommend her books, classes and other materials unreservedly. Check her out at www.cyndidale.com! 



Holistic Mentoring

What is Holistic Mentoring?

This is the method I have developed to help others learn to live in and as their own wholeness. The word holistic, means "incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts, in theory or practice." And a definition of the word healing is "to make sound or whole." *

My work takes the theory or concept of a client's wholeness and helps them put it into practice. This happens over time through healing sessions combined with energy education and mentoring. 

My first learning of energy healing work was Healing Touch, a modality that was developed by nurses for use in hospital settings, with clients with compromised health. The idea of working to restore the person's energy system to a grounded, centered and balanced state was thought to improve patient outcomes. Healing Touch (and Reiki) research has shown positive effects of intentionally working to restore others' energy systems including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy centers and fields. 

Over the years, as I gained understanding of what a healthy energy system should be, I realized that so many of us fall short of energetic integrity. Why was this? I have found it's because people have never learned about it. So, using my training as a special education teacher, along with my healing knowledge, I developed a systematic approach, Holistic Mentoring, to help others become whole and turn the theory of holism into practice.  

 * Definitions by dictionary.com and merriam-webster.com



Art & Healing, Part 3

A few weeks ago I shared the writer Dorothy Sayers' concept of people's creative projects being fueled by "Idea, Energy and Power." Once conceived, the artist sets out to realize the work. The work then 'stands on its own,' shining its light for all to experience and interpret.

I perceive this same concept operating in my own healing and in that of my clients. When I perceive a new idea for my health or relationships, I can then choose to make it a new practice. This often involves stretching my abilities and will until it becomes a new behavior. As time goes on, I become aware of new realities that proceeded from the new practice. Maybe my clothes fit better, my interactions with others are more honoring or I receive new compliments. 

Clients have reported improvements as they have acted upon ideas we discussed. One man improved his relationship with a colleague by a change in venue and a more supportive approach. A mother followed her intuition about crystals and essentials oils to help her child sleep. A writer posted a sign on her door "Writer at Work" and is receiving the uninterrupted time she needed and recently her book was accepted for publication. A gifted quilter made time to resume work on unfinished quilts and has presented them to others and is receiving much affirmation and appreciation. 

Every person is a creator. I encourage everyone to use your ability to develop an idea, work to bring it about and witness the results of your creation in the world. 


Transitions and Energy Work

As an educator and now as a healer and holistic mentor, supporting people through transitions has been a main focus of mine. Most will recall the concept of 'major life transitions stress' or possibly have even taken such a questionnaire.

When I worked with students with disabilities, a vital aspect of our work was to help the student and his or her parents anticipate and plan for future settings. The process stretched out over several years in order to prepare the student for a smooth, low-stress transition.  

Experts in life transitions, such as Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., agree with this type of advance planning as a way of dealing with change related stress. Whitbourne recommends, "Prepare, prepare, prepare." **

Despite planning and preparation, people are still prone to excess levels of stress during transitions. I recommend that people set aside self-care time to process the changes at all levels of being. Healing sessions clear and heal issues related to the prior situation. Holistic mentoring helps to create a positive vision and intentionality about the new situation. 

For more thoughts on this topic, check out Dr. Whitbourne's blog article [link below].

**  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201703/10-ways-make-it-through-your-life-s-transitions



Older Adulthood and Energy Work

I'm blessed to have older clients who are in their 70s and 80s and who wish to have the benefits of energy medicine in addition to traditional care. Born in the 1930s and 1940s, these are pre-Baby Boomers who are open to this work; work that is for many of any age, still an unknown. 

To date, I have worked primarily with women in this age range. One of them found me when I volunteered at our local senior center. She had been reading and studying about Cyndi Dale, one of my teachers and mentors. She comes monthly for emotional healing and learning how to have better boundaries as she finds living with a large number of other seniors challenging. Another was a referral from a daughter who practices Reiki. Her mother had always loved treatments. This lovely woman soaks up the energy and is so grateful. Yet another lady learned about me through her acupuncturist. During our sessions, it became clear this lady loves to learn. She has put into practice every suggestion I have made. She has changed her perspectives on the kinds of treatment she will and will not accept from others. Her newfound strength is allowing her to pursue her own interests. She's having the time of her life. 

In relatively few sessions these seniors are healing and shifting their perceptions. They are able to make new choices and improve their lives. Anyone, no matter how old or how young, can always benefit from energy work! Age is immaterial. 



Art & Healing, Part 2

Last week I drew a parallel between creating works of art and giving birth to children.  This week, I want to share thoughts about a particular artist—this time a writer—Dorothy L. Sayers. 

Years ago I read Mind of the Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers (1983-1957), who was a well-known English mystery novelist and a friend of several of the Inklings, Charles Williams and C.S. Lewis.  After years of working as an advertising copywriter in London, Sayers became a successful novelist, which supported the undertaking of writings closest to her heart—theological plays and other works and her translation of Dante's Divine Comedy.  

In describing the creative process, Sayers struck upon the dynamic process of Idea—Energy—Power. To begin a project, one must get the idea and the best ideas come through inspiration. To carry out the idea, there must be the resource of energy to create a work. Finally, for the work to make an impact, it needs to have power to illuminate the reader or viewer.

In working with clients, many of whom are artists, musicians and writers—my goal is to empower them to create their best works. May the dynamism of Sayers' concept inspire them!

Check out my Art & Healing website page - sandy-kemp.com/artandhealing


Art & Healing, Part 1

A significant portion of my healing clients are in the creative arts - poets, writers, theater and film artists, visual artists and musicians. I help them overcome energy blocks, allowing them to resume projects and begin new ones.

In many ways, the act of giving birth to a new creation is analogous to conceiving and having a child. Even before envisioning the work, there are stirrings and yearnings to create. The first glimmers of the work may arrive quickly or in fits and starts, or sometimes painfully slowly. As time, effort and focus are applied, the new work begins to amass an energy of its own, apart from its creator. The many work sessions to move the project along feel laborious and at times exhilarating. Finally, the push to complete and deliver the new work is required. For some, it’s a huge uphill push. For others, it’s a coast downhill.

It’s been my honor to accompany a number of these journeys, some as editor, many as cheerleader or as healer. These creation journeys are incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable. Check out my Art & Healing website page - sandy-kemp.com/artandhealing


'Holism' - Why is it important?

According to Dictionary.com, the term 'holism' was introduced in 1926 by J.C. Smuts in the book Holism and Evolution. Holism is a "theory that whole entities...have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts."

As someone in college in the 1970s, holism was a concept I remembered learning about in my education classes. At the time, whole language pedagogy had taken over. I was drawn to its logic. Of course! Expose children and young people to whole poems or stories, not segments used to teach elements of grammar or spelling rules. Help them to grasp the structure and the depth of the work, not to analyze its parts, at least not before experiencing the whole!

Years later, upon entering the energy healing field, the emphasis of my training has been to view the person as a whole. Once again, I have found the concept of holism very compelling. 

Working from the framework of holism enables me to keep the focus positive, reinforcing clients' innate capacity to self-heal. Holism requires me to consider where the person is at on their developmental path. And also to ask, "What is the context?" Then, when addressing specific client concerns such as headaches or pain in their limbs, issues are considered from a holistic perspective. 



Boundary Healing

Clients new to energy sessions have often heard of the term boundaries before. Their concept is very much that people consciously set and enforce boundaries with others. And of course, this is true. 

What they come to learn through our work together is that when our boundaries are operating automatically, outside of our conscious control, that we actually are the most protected. 

Boundaries are permeable and supportive energetic fields corresponding to the different vibrational levels of ourselves. They are more commonly known as auric fields or human energy fields. When they are healthy, boundaries operate to provide needed energies and information as well as to filter out what's harmful. Boundaries communicate non-verbally to the world how we expect to be treated. 

I find when clients have blocks in their energy systems, the corresponding fields do not function healthily, opening them to unwanted energies that further compound their situations. In order to heal boundaries, energetic blocks need to be healed. Boundary healing is multi-faceted, but it is worth pursuing.