My Cases

Over the last nine years, here are conditions I have treated. This list is not exhaustive.

Note that clients are also under the care of their licensed healthcare providers.

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health concerns + illnesses

allergies, anorexia, anxiety, auto-immune, back pain, cancer, cancer treatment side effects, cancer and orthopedic surgical procedures, cardiac conditions, diabetes, depression, digestive diseases, emotional issues, endocrine conditions, fatigue, gynecologic issues, headaches, infertility, injury, joint replacement, lymphatic issues, migraine headaches, nerve pain, orthopedic problems, osteoarthritis, overweight, pain, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, stress, pre and post operative, post trauma, wound healing

energetic needs + concerns

align body, mind & spirit, developing intuitive gifts, maintain health with daily energy practices, manage one’s energy system, attract into life what aligns with the true self, energetic protection, open and clear energy system, open to inner wisdom and spiritual guidance

assist with grounding, clear energetic debris, clear energy blocks, clear the emotional and mental bodies, elemental healing, energetically heal old emotional wounds and traumas, heal at all levels, restore and repair boundaries, energetic/spiritual surgery

behavioral + disorders

addictions, adjustment problems, Asperger Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Behavior Disorders, Codependency, compulsive exercising, eating disorder, mental disabilities, Tourette Syndrome, transition for special needs

life opportunities + challenges

achievement, aging, career discernment, creativity, dating/finding a partner, education, finding a community, futuring, holistic living with body, mind and spirit in alignment, goal development, intuitive gifts, life transition, manifesting, parenting, performance, prevention/wellness, purpose, relaxation, self-care, soul searching, spiritual gifts, spirituality, transitions, visioning

bereavement, career loss/change, challenging family relationships, codependency, divorce, emotional pain, financial issues, grief/loss, improving boundaries and relationships, life transition, mid-life challenges, parenting concerns, relocation, separation, sexual abuse history, writer’s block