Frequently Asked Questions

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What are sessions like?

Both healing and holistic mentoring sessions involve a time of discussion and intuitive dialogue in which we are both seated. The energy healing bodywork happens when you are on the table. Energy healing sessions are done fully clothed, except that shoes and glasses are removed.

Distance client sessions work similarly. First there will be a time of discussion and Intuitive dialogue. Then for the energy healing portion, you can sit or lie down comfortably while I perform the distance energy healing. We will stay connected on the phone and I will turn my speaker off. Then when it is complete, I’ll let you know.

Energy healing helps to release energetic debris which stimulates the release of toxins from the body. Clients are advised, as in massage therapy, to drink additional water following sessions for 3 days. Please check with your healthcare provider about an appropriate amount of water suggested for you to flush out toxins.

What kinds of conditions are helped with healing sessions?

Clients see their licensed healthcare provider for all medical decisions. Energy healing is a complementary service. Here is a brief list of conditions that can be addressed - anxiety, arthritis, chronic health conditions, depression, disabilities, fatigue, grief/loss, headaches, immune conditions, injuries, orthopedic problems, pain, surgical procedures, post trauma, to name a few.

What are the features and benefits received in a series of holistic healing sessions?

  • Defining client session/series goals

  • Pre energy assessment of energy centers and energy fields

  • Intuitively guided energy healing bodywork

  • Post energy assessment

  • Client and practitioner feedback

  • Suggestions for self-healing

How does holistic mentoring help people?

The goal of Holistic Mentoring is to achieve energetic integrity which is associated with healthy boundaries and a grounded, centered, calm state. Holistic mentoring, which is based on my healing and education knowledge, helps people live holistically - with body, mind and spirit in alignment. Some of the areas that are helped with the combined holistic mentoring and energy healing services - goal development and achievement, opening creativity, education, life changes, manifesting, moving out of codependency, improving boundaries and relationships, addressing energetic aspects of addictions and compulsions, performance, prevention/wellness, relaxation, self-care, spirituality, transitions, visioning, among others.

What are the features and benefits received in a series of intuitive holistic mentoring sessions?

  • All of the features of holistic healing sessions

  • Identifying energy blocks, imbalances

  • Identifying and healing energetic roots of concerns

  • Learning energetic anatomy

  • Client intuitive development

  • Learning how to maintain energy integrity

  • Learning about energetic boundaries

  • Creating new energetic patterns

  • Creating and manifesting goals and visions

  • Topics of interest to client

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How does the Free Half Hour Consultation work?

It depends on whether you live locally or at a distance. I’ll meet you at my office at 2412 Towncrest Drive, Iowa City. Please check in with the receptionist and she’ll notify me that you are here. In the event the office staff is out, I will come and receive you. We’ll visit in my healing studio and discuss your concerns and how energy healing and holistic mentoring can address those concerns. Phone consultations work much the same. We’ll arrange the appointment time. I will be available and you can call me at the scheduled time.

What is involved in becoming a client?

It depends on whether you are an in-person or distance client. In-person clients complete paperwork by coming fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. Please check in with the receptionist and she’ll notify me by text you have arrived. In the event the office staff is out, I will come and receive you. After you fill out the paperwork, you’ll join me for your session and we’ll get started!

Distance clients will receive paperwork via email. Please read them carefully, sign them and return copies of the signed documents as email pdfs. Paperwork must be received at least 2 days prior to the first session.

How do I schedule sessions online?

Individual Sessions — Simply click on Schedule Appointment button and book through Acuity. First click on the correct time zone and a calendar will appear. Click Continue to complete the scheduling. Available dates are in bold type. Once scheduled, sign up with a site account to keep track of all your bookings.

Series Sessions — First click on the correct time zone and a calendar will appear. Click on the date you want and times will appear. Select the time you want. In order to schedule multiple dates you can either click on Add A Time or Recurring. Add A Time will allow you to add an additional time and date. Continue using Add A Time until you have all of your dates selected. Once all dates are selected, click on Continue to complete. Recurring appointments will work only if all the days of the week and appointment times are identical. Please note: 4-session series are scheduled Weekly. 6-session series are scheduled Every Other Week.

How are payments made? Can they be made online?

Scheduled in-person sessions are paid at time of service. Series sessions are paid in full at or prior to start of a series. Invoicing is provided for distance clients to be paid three days prior to first session. Invoices (via Square) are paid with a credit card online.