Art & Healing, Part 1

A significant portion of my healing clients are in the creative arts - poets, writers, theater and film artists, visual artists and musicians. I help them overcome energy blocks, allowing them to resume projects and begin new ones.

In many ways, the act of giving birth to a new creation is analogous to conceiving and having a child. Even before envisioning the work, there are stirrings and yearnings to create. The first glimmers of the work may arrive quickly or in fits and starts, or sometimes painfully slowly. As time, effort and focus are applied, the new work begins to amass an energy of its own, apart from its creator. The many work sessions to move the project along feels laborious and at times exhilarating. Finally, the push to complete and deliver the new work is required. For some, it’s a huge uphill push. For others, it’s a coast downhill.

It’s been my honor to accompany a number of these journeys, some as editor, many as cheerleader or as healer. These creation journeys are incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable. Check out my Art & Healing website page -  


'Holism' - Why is it important?

According to, the term 'holism' was introduced in 1926 by J.C. Smuts in the book Holism and Evolution. Holism is a "theory that whole entities...have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts."

As someone in college in the 1970s, holism was a concept I remembered learning about in my education classes. At the time, whole language pedagogy had taken over. I was drawn to its logic. Of course! Expose children and young people to whole poems or stories, not segments used to teach elements of grammar or spelling rules. Help them to grasp the structure and the depth of the work, not to analyze its parts, at least not before experiencing the whole!

Years later, upon entering the energy healing field, the emphasis of my training has been to view the person as a whole. Once again, I have found the concept of holism very compelling. 

Working from the framework of holism enables me to keep the focus positive, reinforcing clients' innate capacity to self-heal. Holism requires me to consider where the person is at on their developmental path. And also to ask, "What is the context?" Then, when addressing specific client concerns such as headaches or pain in their limbs, issues are considered from a holistic perspective. 



Boundary Healing

Clients new to energy sessions have often heard of the term boundaries before. Their concept is very much that people consciously set and enforce boundaries with others. And of course, this is true. 

What they come to learn through our work together is that when our boundaries are operating automatically, outside of our conscious control, that we actually are the most protected. 

Boundaries are permeable and supportive energetic fields corresponding to the different vibrational levels of ourselves. They are more commonly known as auric fields or human energy fields. When they are healthy, boundaries operate to provide needed energies and information as well as to filter out what's harmful. Boundaries communicate non-verbally to the world how we expect to be treated. 

I find when clients have blocks in their energy systems, the corresponding fields do not function healthily, opening them to unwanted energies that further compound their situations. In order to heal boundaries, energetic blocks need to be healed. Boundary healing is multi-faceted, but it is worth pursuing. 


The Challenge of Staying Grounded

People who come to me with stress symptoms or who are receiving counseling or possibly medication for anxiety or depression, often are initially assessed as ungrounded. Healing Touch helps people re-ground in order to be more present, returning to a calm state and having a sense of well-being.

In order to ground clients, Healing Touch practitioners typically begin by touching and holding the feet, then moving to higher energy centers. As I often heard in my training, "People must be in their bodies to heal."

While individual healing sessions may ground our clients temporarily, to really help them stay grounded long-term, new energy patterns are needed. I support clients with holistic mentoring, my own system of educating clients about their energy systems and how to maintain them, clearing long-standing blocks and helping to restore energetic boundaries.

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Young Adulthood

In the last six months, I have been privileged to assist a number of young men and women in their twenties and thirties, more so than before. Many are in transitions such as graduation from college, getting into their first career and developing life partnerships. Each came to me as a result of being stuck in energetic patterns making it challenging to move forward in their lives. Half of them came via referrals from their parents and the other half from friends their own ages. 

Clearing their energy systems of problem energies helped shift them into more positive outlooks and greater self-confidence in moving forward in their lives. I'm humbled by the trust placed in me and grateful these young people have gained new tools and strategies for their lives.


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