Healing & Holistic Mentoring Sessions

Healing & Holistic Mentoring Sessions


In-Person Healing & Holistic Mentoring Session

90 minutes                                            $  95.00

In-Person Healing & Holistic Mentoring Package

(4) 90 minutes                                    $ 350.00


Distance Healing & Holistic Mentoring Session

75 minutes                                         $ 125.00


In-Person Healing Session

60 minutes                                            $  75.00

In-Person Healing Package  

(4) 60 minutes                                   $ 280.00


Distance Healing  & Holistic Mentoring Package

(4) 75 minutes                                   $ 425.00


Session Descriptions

Healing & Holistic Mentoring sessions - New clients start energy therapy with Healing & Holistic Mentoring sessions which are regular 90 minute sessions. These sessions help you identify and heal dysfunctional energy patterns and to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries. You learn about your energy system as well as your  natural energy-based intuitive abilities to self-monitor and self-heal. Sessions include energy education discussions and activities, goal-setting/progress review, pre-assessment, informational and vibrational healing interventions, post-assessment,  intuitive impressions and suggestions.

Healing sessions are primarily vibrational energy sessions and are recommended for those clients with physical, emotional and spiritual healing goals. Regular one-hour or 90 minute sessions specifically address physical conditions as a complement to working with your licensed healthcare provider.  As well, these sessions are ideal for maintaining your energy system. They include goal-setting/progress review, pre-assessment, healing interventions, post-assessment,  intuitive impressions and suggestions.

Healing Modalities

Essential Energy is an energy system developed by Cyndi Dale. It incorporates concepts and techniques from many healing traditions as well as Cyndi's own insights. This system of healing is provided through consultation, either in person or at a distance.

Healing Touch is an effective, heart-centered, research-based, energy therapy. It is a clinical nursing intervention using a variety of techniques to heal at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Quantum-Touch is a collection of hands-on healing techniques that supply energy so the body can heal itself.

Reiki is a hands-on as well as distance healing method that applies universal energy to heal all aspects of body, mind and spirit. 

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