My Healing Preparation

I am an Essential Energy Advanced Practitioner, having studied with Cyndi Dale since 2014. I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in 2010 and also practice Level II Reiki and Level I Quantum-Touch. 

My practice began in 2010 and I am in my tenth year in practice. I work with adults of all ages. Over the years, I have developed my own, unique holistic mentoring approach that combines healing techniques with my experience as an educator.   

I am affiliated with Towncrest Natural Health Clinic and Acupuncture of Iowa in east Iowa City.

When I am not working with clients, you’ll find me in nature for long walks with my husband, enjoying my family or writing books.

My Story

I’m an Iowa City native, something of a rarity, as our city is known for its transiency. I attended the now defunct University High School, which was a stimulating and one-of-a kind educational environment. There I learned to think outside of many boxes.

I earned two education degrees and taught students with disabilities in our local district until I developed a serious health condition in 2006. It was during my recovery I began receiving energy work - specifically Healing Touch - and it put me in touch with my intuition which led to a change in career direction. I became a teacher-healer. On this journey, I rediscovered my love of creative writing, have completed my first novel and am now working on my second one.

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