Welcome! I am excited about sharing my healing services with you. 

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Client Concerns

I have chronic stress and anxiety.

I have chronic health issues.

I feel depressed.

I have no energy.

I am continually in pain.

I have unresolved grief.

I am lonely.

I am hypervigilant and can’t relax.

I want to be living my dreams.

I feel stuck due to past issues.

I keep getting negative thoughts.

I feel I can’t be present.

I am always focused on the past or future.

I have creative projects I cannot complete.

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Benefits of Healing & Holistic Mentoring

My joy is helping people become whole so they can live their most meaningful lives. People with health and life concerns are able to improve and/or resolve them with improved energetic functioning.

Clients bring concerns that they are addressing with their medical doctors, counselors or other therapists. They desire energetic explanations and solutions in order to heal.

People with concerns like those in the list on this page, often do not have a healthy energy flow. Healthy energy systems are grounded, centered and balanced, allowing energy to flow freely. Energy systems lose integrity for many reasons; for example, unhealed physical or emotional wounds, traumas or abuse, damaged energetic boundaries, negative belief systems, and unresolved grief. Energy work addresses this damage. When these causes are addressed, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being improve.

A large part of the healing process is learning about one’s energy system and how to maintain it for current and future wholeness. Holistic mentoring provides the knowledge and tools to help people flourish energetically; it is an individualized and intuitively guided educational and healing process.

Healing Modalities

Essential Energy is an energy system developed by Cyndi Dale. It incorporates concepts and techniques from many healing traditions as well as Cyndi's own insights. This system of healing is provided through consultation, either in-person or at a distance. 

Healing Touch is an effective, heart-centered, research-based energy therapy. It is a clinical nursing intervention using a variety of techniques to heal at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Quantum-Touch is a collection of hands-on healing techniques that supply energy so the body can heal itself. 

Reiki is a hands-on as well as distance healing method that applies universal energy to heal all aspects of body, mind and spirit. 


Tim R. - I like how Sandy approaches each situation holistically and begins by getting to know you as a person and what you want to improve upon. Her positive thinking/positive energy work at the beginning of each session is very uplifting...and that's before getting on the table for treatment. I appreciate how she gives you positive energy statements to work on between visits that made me feel like treatment was continuous and I was helping myself throughout the experience. I also felt very much at peace after leaving a session with Sandy.

Sadie W. - I decided to take energy healing and mentoring sessions with Sandy at a time in my life where I was at a significant crossroads professionally. I knew I was deeply dissatisfied with my upcoming career choices, but I wasn’t able to understand why. I was disconnected from my intuition, and I couldn’t seem to visualize what I really wanted. Sandy’s work helped me clear away confusion, fears, false motives, and other impediments so that I could finally see my choices and my situation with total self-awareness. She helped me get in touch with who I am, and what I need to be fulfilled and live a meaningful life. I can not recommend Sandy enough. Her work completely changed my life. Thanks to her, I am now on the most rewarding and truly satisfying career path I could ever have imagined. I feel a sense of joy in my work that is indescribable. Anyone with professional ambitions should go see Sandy immediately. What she does is truly life-changing.

Susannah N. - I have had several sessions with Sandy and each time I am very impressed with her professionalism. She is attentive to detail and offers many resources during and after the session. She explains what to expect in every session and really helps me to understand her work and how it can assist me. After a session I feel relaxed and also more clear. Her work is helping me achieve goals that she has helped me to define. She is highly skilled, trained, and committed to her own growth as an energy practitioner. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in energy work and its many benefits.

Jennifer S. - Originally, Sandy worked with me for problems relating to my spinal fusion, and in the process, helped me heal other underlying issues with my endocrine system and more. In other words, I went to Sandy to treat one particular ongoing problem and found relief for my whole body. The Iowa City community is lucky to have her in our midst.

Stacy K. - As a full-time practitioner of holistic healing, my life is dedicated to working at deep levels with clients. To best serve them, it is imperative that my own energies and energetic boundaries be kept in optimal alignment. Receiving regular healing sessions from Sandy keeps me grounded and centered, yet open and inspired. This allows me to be fully present with each person who steps through my door. Not only is working with Sandy a delightful treat, it is a practical necessity.


Shelly S. - I am very grateful to Sandy for everything she has done for me. The healing services she provides are so much more than your typical energy healing session. She goes to the root of the problem in your soul and energy system and heals it. She works with your entire subtle body to remove the causes of the imbalances and facilitates healing and harmony in your soul, heart, mind, and body. This has allowed me to start flourishing in my life. Long ago lost dreams have risen to the surface and I am once again on the path of joy. I have refound my life purpose and I have my sparkle back. It’s because of Sandy. She mentors you and gives you the added support and direction that is needed, but not usually given or offered by other practitioners, to implement lasting change. I used to get really bad piercing headaches after being in a crowd of people, but since working with Sandy that no longer happens. I have more peace, joy, and contentment in all areas of my life. I can relax now as I've been able to let go of a lot of things that had been weighing me down. Sandy helped me to be free. And she can do the same for you. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone who would like more peace, freedom, and joy in their life. Become the person you were meant to be, and schedule sessions with Sandy. You will be so glad you did.

Laura C. - Sandy's multitude of educational and life experiences enable her to understand the challenges of being a human in this complex world. She supports clients through holistic mentoring and energy therapy to be the best they can be. I can credit her with supporting me through much transformation. Thanks Sandy, for adding so much to my rich life and enabling me to help so many people in my own work.

Chris B.Sandy helped me when my child had special needs challenges, and her energy therapy helped me feel better physically and mentally. She is a gifted individual who works with you one on one to really look at your overall situation and figure out how to make better individual choices to help yourself and your family. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to feel better. Thanks, Sandy!

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