Welcome. I look forward to sharing my healing services with you!

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I specialize in working with clients who are sensitive, empathic people, including artists and professionals. Many have carried their own and others’ pain and energetic debris which need clearing. They often struggle with being ungrounded, and due to poor energetic boundaries, feel out of touch with their true selves.

A number of my clients self-identify as coming from dysfunctional homes or being a child of an alcoholic. They may have come to a place in their lives where they are struggling or feel stuck. Transitional events, such as leaving a job or school, a family death or exhaustion from dealing with their own or another’s chronic issues, may have led them to me or getting a referral to see me. Or, people may have been feeling ‘something is missing’ and they are seeking to grow spiritually. I have clients, too, who are writers or artists and who do sessions with me in order to complete their creative projects.

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In my healing studio, I offer a safe and nurturing place to heal. Regular sessions assist them in reclaiming their energies. I often am working with clients simultaneously as they are pursuing treatments with licensed healthcare providers, including physicians, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and counselors.

My experience in my years as a teacher-healer has shown me that by restoring energetic integrity, people are able to return to their inner resources, tapping into their own wisdom and intuition.

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Free Consultation

I invite you to come in for a half hour free consultation. I will give you a sample session and tell you about my healing & holistic mentoring work.

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